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To help you have the best website you possibly can, and to allow you to concentrate on running your business, we offer the following services to our clients:

Custom Website Design:

We create all of our websites one at a time, and each one is custom made just for you. You and your business are unique, why shouldn't your website be as well?

Database Integration:

For those that want e-commerce or a site that can have users sign up for an email newsletter, we can create a customized database just for you.

SEO Optimization:

Everyone wants their site to be listed first when searched for on Google. We provide the best SEO for organic seraches to get you started on the path to being listed first.

Social Page Development:

If requested, we can create social pages for you so that you can keep in touch with your clients in everyway possible.

Website Analytics:

Every site will have analytics put on by River Dog Web Design to track client use of your site. We can also add in your own if you would like us to. This way we can keep a look out for any trends and suggest fixes to keep clients on your site, and if an e-commerce site, keep them ordering from you instead of looking elsewhere.


Not everyone is good at taking pictures, and good images are key to a great website. We offer custom photography as an added service to those that need it.